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resourses list

 S C A N S;

photobucket, tumblr, asianfanatics, baidu, jdorama, [info]yamapi85, [info]inala, [info]pornvilai, [info]tateishi_ayu, [info]suikascented, [info]wintergreenn, [info]ayau  

 B R U S H E S;  

deviantart, [info]shoegal_icons, [info]9thaquilo, [info]latexandleather, [info]the_testimony, [info]ewanism, [info]angelfish_icons, [info]cdg, [info]go_clo, [info]ownthesunshine, [info]ewanism, [info]77words

 T E X T U R E S; 

deviantart (namely: fluffypinklana, princess-of-shadows, anliah, spooky_window , sanami276, ransie3, shedyourskin, kiho-chan, Missesglass), [info]lamorebella, [info]andraya, [info]docrock06, [info]deny1984, [info]crazydd, [info]brokendartist, [info]creamuts @ [info]mutsie_brushes, [info]joyfulsong, schokotorte [info]damnicons, [info]sneaky_elephant, [info]twinstrike, [info]iconraven, [info]pinkandroid @ [info]metr0p0lis, [info]innocent_lexys @ [info]infinite_musedarinkaranco [info]btrfly_kiss, [info]seynee, [info]lovewls, [info]daisytux, [info]assortedlunaticvox_moterm  @ [info]mortgraphics

thank you everyone!!! :DD without your efforts I wouldn't be able to do any graphic works so I'm really thankful to you all m(_ _)m I know there's lot's more that I've missed therefore if you noticed that I'm using your stuff without crediting you do let me know! it's pretty important to me to know, thanks :33♥

updated on 08.08.2010 @ 06:56am
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